Archived Updates

8 June 2012, “Hate Crime in South Africa Gets International Scrutiny,” by Human Rights First
17 May 2011, “Homophobic hate crimes on the rise, UN human rights chief warns,” by UN News Centre
26 March 2006, “Jews in France Feel Sting as Anti-Semitism Surges Among Children of Immigrants,” by The New York Times
9 March 2006, “3 Students Held in Arsons at Churches,” by the Los Angeles Times
7 March 2006, “3 Jews Are Attacked in a Paris Suburb,” by The New York Times
11 May 2004, “Tourists and Torturers,” by The New York Times
3 August 2003, “Hatred’: When Bad People Do Bad Things,” by The New York Times
18 July 2003, “South Africa Panel Reverses Its Ruling on ‘Hate Speech’,” by The New York Times
10 July 2003, “Factory Killer Had a Known History of Anger and Racial Taunts,” by The New York Times
9 July 2003, “Five Killed, Eight Wounded at Miss. Factory,” by The Washington Post

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