Archived Updates

6 November 2011, “Six people, not tribes are on trial, ICC tells Kenyans,” by Sunday Nation
3 November 2011, “ICC might not investigate Gadhafi’s death,” by United Press International
17 October 2011, “ICC calls for dialogue in Ivory Coast,” by United Press International
6 October 2011, “Analysis: Should child soldiers be prosecuted for their crimes?,” by IRIN
5 October 2011, “Defence urges ICC judges to ignore prosecution evidence,” by Oliver Mathenge, Daily Nation
3 October 2011, “ICC Pre-Trial Chamber III authorises the Prosecutor to launch an investigation in Côte d’Ivoire,” by ICC Press Release
1 July 2010, “Op-Ed: Aggression is now a crime,” by David Scheffer
12 June 2010, “Adoption of the amendments on aggression to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court,” by David Scheffer
3 June 2010, “Stocktaking of International Criminal Justice: Peace and Justice,” by The International Criminal Court
3 June 2010, “Accused of war crimes and living with perks,” by Doreen Carvajal, The New York Times
31 May 2010, “Op-Ed: International Justice-For Others,” by Guenael Mettraux, New York Times I.H.T. Contributor
30 May 2010, “Op-Ed: Justice vs. Impunity,” by Kofi A. Annan, New York Times I.H.T. Contributor
30 May 2010, “International Court May Define Aggression as Crime,” by Marlise Simons, The New York Times
2 July 2009, “Op-Ed: Impunity No More,” by Luis Moreno-Ocampo, The New York Times
22 July 2008, “Arrest Gives Credibility to War Crimes Tribunals,” by David Rohde, The New York Times
14 July 2008, “The Merits of Justice: Would more people, or less people, rob banks if there was no penalty for robbing banks?,” by John Norris, David Sullivan, and John Prendergast, ENOUGH
11 July 2008, “Good Progress Amid Missteps in First Five Years,” by Human Rights Watch
11 July 2008, “Courting History: The Landmark International Criminal Court’s First Years,” by Human Rights Watch
2006, “Toward an International Criminal Procedure: Due Process Aspirations and Limitations,” by Gregory S. Gordon
2 April 2006, “If Not Peace, Then Justice,” by New York Times Magazine
30 July 2004, “ICC Looks at Uganda War Crimes,” by the USA Today
2003, “18 Judges Elected to International Criminal Court,”
17 July 2003, “U.S. Stand Is Headache for Ally in Colombia,” by The New York Times
17 July 2003, “Court Likely to Take Up Congo First,” by The New York Times
2 July 2003, “U.S. Suspends Aid to 35 Countries Over New International Court,” by The New York Times
21 April 2003, “Luis Moreno Ocampo Elected Prosecutor of the ICC,”
24 March 2003, “Argentine Is Expected to Be Prosecutor for War Crime Court,” by the New York Times
3 February 2003, “ICC Elections,”
1 October 2002, “Europeans to Exempt U.S. From War Court,” by The New York Times
30 September 2002, “European Union rejects current US proposals, but adopts principles for future agreements,”
7 September 2002, “On World Court, U.S. Focus Shifts to Shielding Officials,” by The New York Times
6 September 2002, “Assembly of states parties meeting lays foundations of International Criminal Court,”
1 July 2002, “Without Fanfare or Cases, International Court Sets Up,” by The New York Times
11 April 2002, “ICC Ratification,”
9 July 2001, “The ICC: An Alliance for Justice,” by the Washington Post

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