Archived Updates

16 July 2012, ” Equatorial Guinea: Unesco’s Shameful Award “, By Human Rights Watch
24 June 2012,” Police troops stop Equatorial Guinea protest, By Afrol News
8 May 2012, “Tres años de carcel para lider opositor de Guinea” by Afrol News
25 April 2012 “Updated country profile of Equatorial Guinea,” by Genocide Watch
27 March 2012 “Biens mal acquis: mandat d’arrêt requis contre le fils du pésident Obiang,” by AFP,
8 March 2012 “Unesco backs dictator’s divisive price,” by Scott Sayare, The New York Times
21 February 2012 “Country profile of Equatorial Guinea,” by Genocide Watch
29 January 2012 “When dictators, kleptocrats and football get together,” by Kamau Mutunga, The Monitor
13 January 2012 “Soccer co-host violates rights: government seeks new image without reform,” by Human Rights Watch
4 October 2011 “Unesco delays decision on fate of prize sponsored by dictator,” by Scott Sayare, The New York Times
30 May 2011 “US engages with an iron leader in Equatorial Guinea,” by Adam Nossiter, The New York Times
27 April 2009 “Rights Group: Guinea Soldiers Rob, Extort,” by The Associated Press

4 April 2009 “EGuinea coup prisoner freed on health grounds,” by Agence France Presse
28 March 2009 “Eon leads new European dash for African gas,” by Matthew Green, The Financial Times Limited
27 March 2009 “Equatorial Guinea aims to become shipping hub, to double port capacity,” by David Lewis
26 March 2009 “As Chinese Investment in Africa Drops, Hope Sinks,” by Lydia Polgreen, The New York Times
8 March 2009 “West Africa: World Briefing of Equatorial Guinea And Nigeria,” by Paul Ohia
25 March 2009 “Equatorial Guinea: Arrest and torture of political opponents following February attack on presidential palace,” by Amnesty International, Public Statement
23 March 2009 “Central Africa: Cameroon-Equatorial Guinea Border Sealed,” by Francis Tim Mbom, The Post
11 March 2009 “Undue Diligence: How Banks Do Business with Corrupt Regimes,” by Global Witness
25 February 2009 “Equatorial Guinea fires security chiefs after clash,” by David Lewis, Reuters

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