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18 September 2012 “Eastern Congo Thousands of Children Threatened by Violence” By IBT UK
August 2012 Trials of Thomas Lubanga and Ratko Mladiic show impunity for war crimes is dissappearing-slowly” McClatchy Newspapers
09 August 2012 “DRC no negotiations with M23 rebels” By Voice of America
06 August 2012  “UN humanitarian chied seeks first hand look at Congo crisis” By Voice of America
01 August 2012 “Civilian casualties continue in DRC” By Voice of America
31 July 2012 “Tens of Thousands flee North Kivu By Voice of America
27 July 2012 “DR Congo army continues to battle rebels” By Al Jazeera
26 July 2012 DRC rebels advance in North Kivu province By Voice of America
25 July 2012 Thousands of Congolese civilians flee from renewed fighting” By Voice of America
23 July 2012 Fighting in North Kive forces thousands to flee” By Voice of America
19 July 2012 “DRC army takes over North Kivu town from rebels” By Voice of America
13 July 2012 ICC issues warrant for Rwandan Hutu rebel chief Mudacumura” By Robin Utrecht
09 July 2012 “ICC sentences Congolese warlord to 14 years in prison By Voice of America
07 July 2012 Peacekeepers vow to protect eastern Congo city from rebels” By Voice of America
27 June 2012 Burundian journalist and 13 others jailed for life” By AfricaNews
27 June 2012 “UN peacekeepers deployed to Congo’s North Kivu Provice”  By Voice of America
19 June 2012 UN Security Council condemns FDLR atrocities By The New Times Rwanda
13 June 2012 ICC seeks 30 year sentence for Congo warlord Lubanga”  By BBC News
06 June 2012 DRC says close to crushing Ntaganda rebellion” by Voice of America
06 June 2012 Mutuneers seize territory in Eastern DRC” By Reuters
06 June 2012 “ICC prosecutors seeks 30 year term for Congolese warlord By Gilbert Kreijger- Reuters
05 June 2012 “Human rights watch calls for Rwanda to arrest Congolese war crime suspect” By Kim Lewis-Voice of America
31 May 2012 ” Tens of thousands flee extreme violence in Congo” By The Guardian
31 May 2012 “ICC rejects arrest warrant for Mudacumura for DRC crimes” By Voice of America
30 May 2012 “UN Condemns Upsurge in ‘Blind Violence’ in Eastern Congo” by Nick Long- Voice of America
30 May 2012 “ICC Confirms release of Congo war crimes suspect, by Reuters
5 May 2012 ” Seven UN Peacekeepers shot at Congo protest,” by Reuters
23 September 2010 “African Regional Committee on Genocide established,” by Prof. William Schabas, President, International Association of Genocide Scholars
13 July 2009 “Low turnout may mar Congo Republic election” by Reuters
1 December 2007 “From Genocide to Regional Warfare: The Breakdown of International Order in Central Africa” by Christian R. Manahl, African Studies Quarterly
27 October 2007 “Eastern Congo Militia Leader Surrenders to UN” by Joe Bavier. Reuters Foundation
19 October 2007 “Congo: War Crimes Suspect in the Hague” New York Times
21 February 2007 “DRC Troops Jailed for War Crimes by BBC News
2 February 2007 “Congo: 35 Killed in Election Clashes by Reuters
30 January 2007 Court Orders Trial for Congolese Warlord Accused of Conscripting Children by The Washington Post
17 November 2006 Challenger in Congo Vote Says He’ll Contest Results by The New York Times
16 November 2006 Accused Congolese Warlord’s Forced Shot Child Soldier Who Tried to Flee, Expert Says by The Associated Press
30 October 2006 Despite Tension, Millions Vote in Congo by The New York Times
12 October 2006 Armies of Children by The New York Times
10 September 2006 “Briton Linked to Congo War Crimes by The Sunday Times
4 September 2006 Election Workers Arrested for Alleged Ballot Cheating in Congo” by The Associated Press
25 August 2006 “Congo: 23 Died in Violence in Capital by The New York Times
23 August 2006 Annan Calls for an End to Violence in DR Congo; Urges all Forces off the Capital’s Streets” by UN News Centre
22 August 2006 Congo Election Foes Agree to U.N. Cease-Fire by The New York Times
11 August 2006 Congo Count Slips into Chaos as Monitors Deports by Independent News and Media
4 August 2006 Congo Candidates Warn Foreign Powers Not to Meddle by Reuters
25 July 2006 600 Children Die Each Day in Legacy of War by The Guardian
24 July 2006 Congolese Army Inspires Fear, Not Trust by The Associated Press
21 July 2006 “D.R. Congo: As Vote Nears, Abuses Go Unpunished in Katanga” by Human Rights Watch
20 March 2006 “Congolese Warlord is First to Face World Criminal Court” by The New York Times
14 December 2006 “Australians on Trial in Congo, Says Lawyers” by The Age
3 November 2005 “34 Killed As Army And U.N. Free Poll Workers” by Reuters
20 March 2005 “Beyond the Bullets and Blades” by The New York Times
14 August 2004 “At Least 180 Congolese Refugees Massacred” by The Associated Press
21 April 2004 Hopes and Tears of Congo Flow in Its Mythic River by Somini Sengupta in the New York Times
14 February 2004 Killing of a U.N. Observer in Congo Heightens a Mission’s Fears,” by Somini Sengupta in The New York Times
30 June 2003 “Women In Congo” in the New York Times
29 June 2003Whispers of Genocide, and Again, Africa Suffers Alone by Lynne Duke in The Washington Post
1 June 2003 “In Africa, Pricking the West’s Conscience” by The New York Times
20 May 2003 “U.N.: 231 Killed in Congo Tribal Fighting” by The Associated Press
16 May 2003 “Congo-Kinshasa; Annan Urges Emergency UN Force to Quell Violence in Northeastern DR of Congo” by Africa News
22 April 2003 “Congo: First Deputy Is Named” by The New York Times
20 April 2003 “Chaos in Congo Suits Many Parties Just Fine” by The New York Times
10 April 2003 “A Perfect Specimen Of Colonial Mythmaking” by The Washington Post
8 April 2003 “Conflict in Congo has killed 4.7m, charity says” by The Guardian
7 April 2003 “966 Congolese Are Killed In Attacks on Villages” by The Associated Press
6 April 2003 “Ethnic Massacres Kill Hundreds In Ituri, Congo” by Agence France Presse
20 March 2003 “DR Congo: A neglected human rights tragedy in Ituri province” by Amnesty International
19 May 2003 “EU Says Quick- Reaction Peacekeepers Ready” by The Associated Press
16 January 2003 “U.N. Says Congo Rebels Carried Out Cannibalism and Rapes” by The Associated Press
10 August 2002 “Death Toll at Least 75 in Eastern Congo Clashes” by Reuters
2002 Final Report of the Panel of Experts on the Illegal Exploitation of Natural Resources and Other Forms of Wealth of the Democratic Republic of the Congo by the UN Security Council
29 January 2001 Congo’s War Turns a Land Spat Into a Blood Bath by The New York Times
15 August 2000More Parties Becoming Involved in Bunia, Congo GenocideWatch
February 2000 Genocide Emergency: Ituri, Eastern Congo” by GenocideWatch

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