Archived Updates

14 November 2012 “Eritrean refugees Raped, Beaten, and Burned Inside Sinai’s hostage Camps By IndepthAfrica

19 July 2012 “Rising tensions amid new opportunities of engagement” By Chatham House

17 July 2012 “UN investigator-too early to lift Eritrean sanctions” By Voice of America

17 July 2012 “Eritreas brutal trade in weapons and people is too lucrative to stamp out By The Guardian

16 July 2012 “Eritrea reduces support for Al Shabaab” By Reuters

16 July 2012 “Eritrea demands UN sanctions be lifted By Voice of America

05 July 2012 “US puts sanctions on 6 for Al Shabab support By Voice of Ameirca

19 August 2009 “Ethiopia and Eritrea Settle Dispute,” by The Associated Press

16 April 2009 “Eritrea ‘like a giant prison’ warn human rights group” by Xan Rice, The Guardian

17 June 2008 “Beyond the Fragile Peace Between Ethiopia and Eritrea: Averting New War” by International Crisis Group

17 June 2008 “History Can Be Cruel for Eritrea, Ethiopia” by Mark L. Schneider,

11 March 2008 “Centering Human Rights in U.S. Policy on Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea” by Lynn Fredriksson, Amnesty

16 February 2008 “UN Protests Thwarting of Peacekeepers” by Warren Hoge, The New York Times

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