Archived Updates

29 November 2012, “Algeria Country Profile,” By Genocide Watch
25 November 2012, “Algerians arrive to support Al-Qaeda in north Mali,” By Sapa-AFP
21 September 2012, “Algeria highlights commitment to human rights treaties,” By Middle East online
31 July 2012, “Algerian “dirty war” general may face Swiss trial,” By Reuters
16 July 2012, “Bouteflika’s Regime Continues to Fight the Press,” By Arabic Network for Human Rights
18 June 2012, “Algeria: Long Delays Tainting Terrorism Trials,” By the Human Rights Watch
13 June 2012, “Algeria and the Arab Spring,” by All Africa
17 May 2012, “Algeria: The Revoluation that never was,” by People and Power, Aljazeera
20 April 2009, “Landslide win for Algerian leader,” by BBC News
7 February 2008, “Algeria Says It Killed Rebel Leader and Seized 6 in His Gang,” by Reuters
28 December 2007, “Familiar Threats Constrict Press Freedom in Algeria,” by Katrin Bennhold and Souad Mekhenet, The New York Times
5 October 2005, “But Bygones Can’t be Bygones if the Pain is Raw,” by Michael Slackman, The New York Times
14 April 2004, “Islam and Democracy: Algerians Try to Blaze a Trail,” by Craig Smith, The New York Times

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