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13 November 2012 Cote D’Ivoire: Ex-Ivorian First Lady Questionned Over Genocide, Corruption By Kimeng Hilton Ndukong, AllAfrica
11 November 2012 Cote D’Ivoire: Court Again Refuses to Release Former Ivorian President By AllAfrica
3 Novebmer 2012 Cote D’Ivoire’s Gbagbo Fit for Hague Trial By This Day Live
10 October 2012 Victims Need More from International Criminal Court Investigation in Cote d’Ivoire By HuffPost Impact UK
07 August 2012 Ivory Coast violence: Gbagbi allies attacked Abidjan By BBC News
06 August 2012 Deadly Ivory Coast army attack By GhanaMMA
24 July 2012, ” Attack On Ivorian Camp Underscores Need to Combat Impunity for PastAbuses – UN, By All Africa
23 July 2012, ” Reactions Following the Attack On a Displaced Persons Camp in Western Cote, By All Africa
18 July 2012, ” Ghana, Ivory Coast Border Impasse To Be Resolved By Western Publications
13 July 2012, UN Destroys Hundreds of Small Arms and Light Weapons, By All Africa
29 June 2012, Le processus de désarmement va-t-il fonctionner cette fois-ci ?, By IRIN
27 June 2012 Stuck between refuge and risk By IRIN
22 June 2012, Liberia: Govt to Extradite Dozens of Ivoirians, by All Africa
19 June 2012 Renewed violence hits western region By Medecins Sans Frontieres
13 June 2012 Everyone is looking for Safety By IRIN
15 June 2012, Liberia: Government orders 10 persons arrested, by All Africa 
10 June 2012 Thousands flee after Ivory Coast attack By Cnn
06 June 2012, “Ivorian government prosecutes war criminals” By Human Rights Watch
06 June 2012, ”  Liberia minors used in Ivory Coast raids, by BBC News
25 April 2012 Updated country profile of Côte d’Ivoire,” by Genocide Watch
22 April 2012 Menace d’une guerre des terres en Côte d’Ivoire,” by Christophe Koffi, Agence France-Presse, La Presse
29 March 2012 One year on, Duékoué massacre belies Ouattara government’s promises of impartial justice,” by Matt Wells, Human Rights Watch
29 March 2012 Côte d’Ivoire urged to assist ICC in post-election violence probe,” by Afrique en Ligne
5 March 2012 Lethal crime wave, security vacuum,” by Human Rights Watch
24 February 2012 Ivory Coast rebels Soro and Gbagbo welcome ICC move, by BBC News
14 February 2012 Country profile of Côte d’Ivoire, by Genocide Watch (en français)
1 February 2012 Ouattara’s rampant justice, by John James, International Justice Tribunal
31 January 2012 The dark side of Côte d’Ivoires recovery,” by Matt Wells, The Huffington Post
27 January 2012 Ivory Coast not out of woods, U.N. says,” by United Press International
17 January 2012 Clinton urges dialogue between Ivory Coast rivals,” by Agence France-Presse
16 December 2011 Continuing the recovery,” by The International Crisis Group
5 December 2011 Former Ivory Coast strongman appears at Hague court,” by Marlise Simons and Adam Nossiter, The New York Times
1 December 2011 Cote d’Ivoire and Guinea discuss reconcilliation efforts” by Ghanna MMA
29 November 2011 Ex-President of Ivory Coast to face court in The Hague,” by Marlise Simons, The New York Times
23 November 2011Warrant of arrest for Laurent Koudou Gbagbo,” Pre-Trial Chamber of the International Criminal Court
5 October 2011 “They Killed Them Like It Was Nothing: The Need for Justice for Cote D’Ivoire’s Post-Election Crimes,” by Human Rights Watch
3 October 2011 ICC to investigate Ivory Coast post-election violence,” by BBC News
10 May 2011 UN officials stress Security Council’s role in protecting civilians during armed conflict,” by United Nations News Service
13 April 2011 Ivory Coast: ‘Ouattara must stop reprisal attacks’,” by BBC News
13 April 2011In Ivory Coast, when conflict starts women become targets By Elizabeth Pender, The Guardian
12 April 2011 “Editorial: Ivory Coast gets a new chance, “ by The New York Times
11 April 2011 Ivory Coast: Gbagbo held after assault on residence,” by BBC News
7 April 2011 Massacre à Duékoué: une enquête impartiale de la justice internationale est nécessaire,” by Aline Leclerc,
7 April 2011 Lessons from the Ivory Coast: UN peacekeeping missions need more oversight,” By Brett Schaefer, The National Review
5 April 2011 ICC prosecutor wants Ivory Coast atrocities referred,” by Svebor Kranjc, Reuters
3 April 2011 UN presses Ouattara over Duekoue massacre,” by BBC News
2 April 2011 Hundreds killed in Ivory Coast town as conflict intensifies,” by Adam Nossiter, The New York Times
2 April 2011 Ivory Coast massacre kills 1,000,” by CBC News
18 March 2011 Ivory Coast shelling in Abidjan ‘a war crime’ – UN,” by BBC News
17 March 2011 Horrors in Ivory Coast,” Editorial, The New York Times
2 March 2011 Ivory Coast: Power and water cut to pro-Ouattara north,” by BBC News
26 February 2011 Cote d’Ivoire: Leaders should prevent abuses by their forces,” by Human Rights Watch
26 January 2011 Cote d’Ivoire: Violence campaign by security forces, militias,” by Human Rights Watch
20 January 2011 UN troops planned for Ivory Coast,” by Sky News
20 January 2011 Special Reports: UN sounds genocide alarm for Ivory Coast,” by United Press International
18 January 2011 The Politics of Peace,” by Ghana’s Vice President John Dramani Mahama, The Huffington Post
17 January 2011 War Crimes Prosecution Watch Vol. 5, Issue 21,” by Public International Law & Policy Group
13 January 2011 Pro-Gbagbo forces attack UN vehicles in Ivory Coast,” by BBC News
11 January 2011 Op-Ed: What to do about Ivory Coast,” by John Campbell, International Herald Tribune
6 January 2011 Ivory Coast: Gbagbo ‘expels UK and Canada envoys,” by BBC News
5 January 2011 Ivory Coast: Laurent Gbagbo maintains Ouattara blockade,” by BBC News
3 January 2011 US offers Ivory Coast’s Laurent Gbagbo ‘dignified exit’,” by BBC News
3 January 2011 Diplomacy Again Falls Short in Tense Ivory Coast Standoff,” by the New York Times
2 January 2011 UN Points to Ivory Coast Extra-Judicial Killings,” by BBC News
2 January 2011 UN to investigate Ivory Coast violation reports,” by BBC News
30 December 2010 “‘Genocide’ in Ivory Coast: A real threat, or just politics? by Dan Murphy, The Christian Science Monitor
29 December 2010 Ivory Coast UN ambassador warns of genocide risk,” by BBC News
28 December 2010 “Gbagbo Defiant as African Leaders Leave Ivory Coast,” by BBC News
27 December 2010 Ivory Coast: General strike called to pressure Gbagbo,” by BBC News
25 December 2010 Ensconced in the Presidency, With No Budging in Ivory Coast,” by The New York Times
23 December 2010 Cote d’Ivoire: Pro-Gbagbo forces abducting opponents,” by Human Rights Watch
23 December 2010 U.S. Human Rights Official, Others Condemn Post-Election Violence in Ivory Coast,” by the Washington Post
22 December 2010 Soro appelle l’ONU ‘à envisager la force’,” by Le Monde with AFP
22 December 2010 “UN must act in Ivory Coast,” by Aie Zi Guo
22 December 2010 Ivory Coast: France warns nationals to leave,” by BBC News
22 December 2010 “UNHCR beefs up aid supplies to cope with Ivory Coast crisis,” by The Namibian
22 December 2010 Cote d’Ivoire: UN in test of wills over country,” by Thalif Deen
22 December 2010 Gbagbo: I am president of Cote d’Ivoire,” by Allyn Fisher-Illan, The Globe and Mail
19 December 2010 Peacekeepers ordered out of Ivory Coast,” by Marco Chown Oved
6 December 2010 Côte d’Ivoire: qui peut faire plier Gbagbo?,” by Le Monde
6 December 2010 “Standoff in Ivory Coast leads to fears of violence,” by Adam Nossiter, The New York Times
3 December 2010 Côte d’Ivoire: les ingrédients de la crise,” by Le Monde
3 December 2010 Standoff set up with 2 Ivory Coast presidents,” Adam Nossiter, The New York Times
1 December 2010 Chronologie de la Côte d’Ivoire (1958-2010),” by Catherine Gouëset, L’Express
1 November 2010 “UN calls on Ivory Coast to accept poll results,” by the Associated Press
5 May 2010 Cote d’Ivoire: Securing the electoral process,” by International Crisis Group
5 May 2010 “ICG Rapport 158 – securiser le processus electoral,” by International Crisis Group
5 May 2010 Cote d’Ivoire: Securiser le processus electoral,” by International Crisis Group
27 November 2009 Keeping West Africa Stable,” by Louise Arbour, The New York Times
2 July 2009 What’s Needed to End the Crisis,” by International Crisis Group
30 March 2009 Rape a Daily Menace for Rural Women,” by IRIN
9 March 2009 Peace Deal Runs Into Dead End,” by Rinaldo Depagne, All-Africa International Crisis Group
30 May 2008 UN probes Ivory Coast child abuse claims: envoy,” by Agence France-Presse
28 May 2008Senior UN human rights official visits Côte d’Ivoire and Liberia,” by UN News Service
22 April 2008 Ensuring Credible Elections,” by International Crisis Group
31 January 2008 After the Ouagadougou Accord, Peace is Closer than Ever, But Many Hurdles Remain,” by Grant Godfrey, RPCV 2001-02, and Walarigaton Coulibaly, PCCI Language and Cross-Culture Faciltator
16 December 2007 Ensuring a Peaceful Political Transition,” by Dorina Bekoe
2 August 2007 My Heart is Cut,” by Human Rights Watch
31 January 2007 Continuing IDP Crisis: Complicated by Nationality and Voting Issues,” by Refugees International
27 December 2006 Ivory Coast Resumes Talks With Rebels, by Reuters, CNN
8 December 2006 Ivorian Rebels Deny Illicit Diamond Trading,” by Reuters, The Washington Post
31 October 2006 Ivory Coast Holds Breath Ahead of UN Vote on Division of Powers,” by Agence France-Presse
7 September 2006 Côte d’Ivoire; Stepping Up the Pressure,” International Crisis Group
27 July 2006 Ivory Coast Must Begin Disarming,” by Reuters
29 April 2006 U.N. Mission in Cote d’Ivoire Deplores Murder of 5 People, Urges Support for Probe,” by UN News Centre
9 April 2006 Political rivals in Ivory Coast reach a deal,” by Agence France-Presse, The New York Times
17 March 2006 Cote d’Ivoire: U.N. Warns of Warrying Rights Situation with Media Fanning Hatreds,” by U.N. News Centre
9 February 2006 U.N. Sanctions on 3 Leaders,” by Warren Hoge, The New York Times
5 December 2005 African Bank Chief Chosen as Interim Prime Minister of Ivory Coast,” by Reuters, The New York Times
31 October 2005 Ivory Coast’s Ethnic Lines Harden, Hobbling Economy,” by Lydia Polgreen, The New York Times
17 October 2005 Citizen Soliders,” by Austin Merrill, The New Republic
12 October 2005 Cote d’Ivoire: Halfway Measure Will Not Suffice,” by International Crisis Group
12 October 2005 “Tough new UN measures needed to keep Ivory Coast from war: Crisis Group,” by Agence France Presse
6 October 2005 “African leaders open summit on Ivory Coast crisis,” by Agence France Presse
5 October 2005 “African leaders out to avert Ivory Coast collapse,” by Lea-Lisa Westerhoff, Agence France Presse
5 October 2005 IVORY COAST: ‘The key to ending the tragedy destroying the Ivory Coast is to get the French and their Force ‘Licorne out’,” by Dr. Gary Busch on
2 October 2005 “Ivory Coast should hold elections by early 2006: France,” by Agence France Presse
1 October 2005 “”Ivory Coast opposition repeats call for Gbagbo to go,” by Agence France Presse
30 September 2005 “West African leaders hold Ivory Coast crisis summit,” by Agence France Presse
30 September 2005 “West African summit on Ivory Coast ends,” by Agence France Presse
22 September 2005 “Deepening political crisis in Ivory Coast under threat of UN sanctions,” by Agence France Presse
16 June 2005 “Ethnic violence threatens cocoa harvest,” by The Financial Times Limited, London
13 April 2005 Ivory Coast army and rebel leaders to meet amid disputes over disarming, recruiting foreigners,” by The Associated Press
7 April 2005 Ivory Coast Factions Reaches Pact,” by Associated Press, The Washington Post
24 March 2005 Cote d’Ivoire: The Worst May Be Yet To Come,” by International Crisis Group
29 January 2005 Ivory Coast First Lady Leads Death Squad, Report Alleges,” by Colum Lynch, The Washington Post
16 November 2004 Cote d’Ivoire: Containing the Crisis?,” by AfricaFocus
15 November 2004 The War in Cote d’Ivoire Threatens Peace in West Africa and Central Africa,” by Polycarp Omolo Ochilo
15 November 2004 Security Council Imposes Immediate Arms Embargo,” by UN News Service
15 November 2004 Preparations for War Reported Despite UN Sanctions Threat,” by UN News Service
11 November 2004 Rein in Militias, End Incitement,” by Human Rights Watch
10 November 2004 France Begins Evacuations From Ivory Coast,” by Pauline Bax, The Associated Press
10 November 2004 Cornell Ph.D Graduate Killed in Ivory Coast,” by The Associated Press
6 November 2004 Ivory Coast Mobs Clash With French,” by The Associated Press
12 July 2004 Cote d’Ivoire: No Peace in Sight,” by International Crisis Group
2 August 2004 U.N. Finds Mass Graves,” The Associated Press
2 April 2004 “U.N. Inquiry into Abidjan Violence,” by Somini Sengupta, The New York Times
22 December 2003 French Drive Back Rebels in Ivory Coast,” by The Associated Press
13 December 2003 France Sending More Troops to Ivory Coast as Peace Talks Falter,” by Reuters
18 December 2003 Region Pledges Ivory Coast Force, Urges UN Action,” by Diadie Ba
21 August 2003 “Former Ivory Coast rebel leader urges arms embargo for his country,” by Beaudelaire Mieux, The Associated Press
14 August 2003 “UN report pessimistic on Ivory Coast situation,” Agence France Presse
30 July 2003 Students Protest Lost Year,” by Associated Press, The New York Times
19 May 2003 Liberian Refugees Head for Ivory Coast,” by The Associated Press
19 May 2003 No Relief From War in African Refugee Camps,” by Somini Sengupta
17 May 2003 Troops in Ivory Coast to Fight on Liberian Border,” by Reuters
14 May 2003 U.N. Will Send Peacekeepers to Ivory Coast,” by Reuters
5 May 2003 Chaos in West Africa,” by Somini Sengupta
18 April 2003 Ivory Coast Rebels Become Part of Cabinet,” by The Associated Press
30 March 2003 Ivory Coast: Red Cross Workers Slain,” by Somini Sengupta
27 March 2003 The Child Soldiers of Ivory Coast Are Hired Guns,” by Somini Sengupta
9 March 2003 French Soldiers Find Bodies in Ivory Coast Town,” by Reuters
9 March 2003 As Peace Accord Is Fleshed Out, Ivory Coast Fighting Resumes,” by Somini Sengupta
8 March 2003 Despite Accord, Reconciliation Proves Elusive in Ivory Coast,” by Somini Sengupta
24 February 2003 On Brink of Chaos, Ivory Coast Sides Try to Save a Peace Deal,” by Somini Sengupta
21 February 2003 Ivorians Confront An Identity Crisis; Immigrant Nation Debates Nationality,” by Emily Wax
20 February 2003 “Côte d’Ivoire: Liberian Refugees at Imminent Risk,” by Amnesty International
17 February 2003 Rebels Threaten to Renew Ivory Coast Civil War,” by Reuters
16 February 2003 Pledging Peace, Creating Chaos: Ivory Coast Leader Said to Be Behind Anti-French Protests,” by Emily Wax
13 February 2003 Ivory Coast’s Leader Balks, and So Do Rebels, on Cabinet Posts,” by Reuters
13 February 2003 Ivory Coast Rebels Extend Peace Talks With Ghana President,” by Reuters
11 February 2003 Ivory Coast Leaders Start Task of Making Room for Rebels,” by Reuters
9 February 2003 Ivory Coast Accuses Liberia of Attack,” by Glenn McKenzie
9 February 2003 Assassinations In Ivory Coast Overshadowed By Civil War: Popular Comedian’s Death Is Called Political Killing,” by Emily Wax
8 February 2003 Ivory Coast President Urges Followers to Accept Pact With Rebels,” by Somini Sengupta
5 February 2003 Ivorian President Caught Between 2 Leaders He Groomed,” by Somini Sengupta
4 February 2003 “Résolution sur la Côte d’Ivoire du Conseil de sécurité de l’Onu,” by United Nations
2 February 2003 Thousands Rally in Ivory Coast to Protest Peace Plan,” by Somini Sengupta
1 February 2003 Protesters Storm Abidjan Airport as French Citizens Leave,” by Somini Sengupta
31 January 2003 Ivory Coast’s Residents Look for the Exit,” by Somini Sengupta
31 January 2003 Demonstrators Storm Airport in Ivory Coast,” by Somini Sengupta
29 January 2003 Ivory Coast Army Rejects Power-Sharing Deal With Rebels,” by Somini Sengupta
28 January 2003 Anti-French Rioting Rages on in Ivory Coast,” by Somini Sengupta
26 January 2003 Anti-French Protests Swell Over Ivory Coast Accord,” by Reuters
26 January 2003 Ivory Coast Leader Appoints a Premier After a Peace Deal,” by Craig S. Smith
25 January 2003 Leaders Meet on Saturday on Ivory Coast Peace Plan,” by Reuters
24 January 2003 Ivory Coast Factions Said to Reach Accord on New Government,” by Reuters
23 January 2003 Life in Ivory Coast, Once an Oasis, Now Unsettles Immigrants,” by Somini Sengupta
21 January 2003 Ivory Coast Haven Turns Hostile for Liberians,” by Somini Sengupta
19 January 2003 Rivals Rally in Ivory Coast as Peace Talks Enter 4th Day,” by Reuters
17 January 2003 Restoring Peace to Ivory Coast,” by The New York Times
16 January 2003 French Prestige on the Line in the Ivory Coast Civil War,” by Craig S. Smith
12 January 2003 Infectious Chaos in West Africa,” by Robert D. Kaplan
12 January 2003 Out of Africa? Not Yet. These Are the French.,” by Elaine Sciolino
9 January 2003 Two Rebel Groups in Ivory Coast Sign Truce With French Troops,” by Agence France-Presse
8 January 2003 Chirac Praises France’s Peacekeeping Role as Ivory Coast Casualties Mount,” by Elaine Sciolino
7 January 2003 Rebel Faction Strikes French, Imperiling Ivory Coast Talks,” by The Associated Press
5 January 2003 Main Rebel Faction in Ivory Coast Agrees to Join Peace Talks,” by Reuters
4 January 2003 Ivoirian Leader Accepts French Demands on War,” by Elaine Sciolino
30 December 2002 Ivory Coast Rebels Apologize for Clash,” by The Associated Press
30 December 2002 French Troops Meet Ivory Coast Rebels in Cocoa West,” by Reuters
29 December 2002 French Reinforcements Arrive in Ivory Coast,” by The Associated Press
28 December 2002 French Troops, Rebels Clash in Ivory Coast,” by The Associated Press
27 December 2002 Ivory Coast Rebels Call for President to Quit,” by Reuters
26 December 2002 Ivory Coast’s Raging Conflict Draws France In,” by Elaine Sciolino
24 December 2002 Ivorian Rebels Warn France Against Offensive,” by Reuters
19 December 2002 Rebels Seize Western City in Ivory Coast,” by The Associated Press
18 December 2002 France Sending More Troops to Ivory Coast,” by The Associated Press
16 December 2002 France Escalates Military Involvement in Ivory Coast,” by Clar Ni Chonghaile
13 December 2002 French Army Widens Ivory Coast Mission,” by BBC News
12 December 2002 Ivory Coast Army Admits Role in a Mass Killing,” by Reuters
11 December 2002 Crisis in Côte d’Ivoire,” by Genocide Watch
11 December 2002 Embattled Ivory Coast Appeals for Fighters, and Many Answer,” by Reuters
10 December 2002 Ecowas Confirms Mass Grave in West,” by UN Integrated Regional Information Networks
9 December 2002 Over 30,000 cross into Liberia and Guinea,” by UN Integrated Regional Information Networks
6 December 2002 Ivory Coast Refugees Describe Piles of Corpses,” by News Services, Washington Post
1 December 2002 France Moves Forigners From City in Ivory Coast,” by Clarni Chonghaile, The Washington Post
30 November 2002 Rebels Take Key City in Western Ivory Coast,” by Clarni Chonghaile, The Washington Post
30 November 2002 Renewed Fighting in Ivory Coast Threatens to Halt Peace Talks,” by The Associated Press
28 November 2002 Rebels Trade Accusations With the Army in Ivory Coast,” by Reuters
9 November 2002 Côte d’Ivoire : le piège ethnique,” by Les Rencontres de La Villette
29 October 2002 World Food Program Appeal For Ivory Coast,” by World Food Program Press Release
18 October 2002 Rebels Sign Truce to End Ivory Coast Uprising,” by The Associasted Press, The New York Times
4 October 2002 “Les quartiers précaires d`Abidjan vont être rasés,” by Agence France-Presse
4 October 2002 “Ivoirité, xénophobie, tensions ethniques: la Côte d’Ivoire hantée par ses vieux démons,” by Agence France-Presse
1 October 2002 Ethnic Clenching: Misrule in Ivory Coast,” by Norimitsu Onishi, The New York Times
2002 Ivory Coast on the Brink,” by International Crisis Group

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