Archived Updates

26 September 2012 Angloa: President’s Inauguration Elevates Spirit of Trust By AllAfrica
20 August 2012 Angolan police arrest opposition members before vote By Reuters
05 May 2012 “Angola elections threaten instability as government cracks down on dissent” By The Guardian
5 April 2012 Angola elections threaten instability as government cracks down on dissent,” by Kristin Palitza for IPS2
April 2012 Violent Crackdown On Critics,” by Human Rights Watch
6 March 2012 Country Profile on Angola,” by Genocide Watch
1 March 2012 For an Angolan refugee, a milestone birthday leads to a momentous decision,” by Daniela Livia Bîciu, UNHCR
30 December 2011 AU considers looking at Cabinda claims, by IRIN
26 August 2010 Cabindan separatists under new management,” by IRIN
22 July 2010 Cabindan separatists in exile deny end to conflict,” by IRIN
26 April 2010 “The death of one man does not end a war,” by IRIN
12 January 2010 Q & A: Cabinda Conflict,” by BBC
5 September 2008 “Angola: blood oil and western hypocrisy,” by William Gumede, The Guardian
9 June 2008 Make Forced Marriage a Crime Against Humanity,” by Donald Steinberg, The Christian Science Monitor
4 June 2008 “Angolan Elections are Likely in September,” by Reuters
18 April 2008 OHCHR to cease activities in Angola,” by OHCHR
30 July 2003 Angolans Come Home to ‘Negative Peace’,” by Lydia Polgreen, The New York Times

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