Africa: Angola Committed to Seeking Solution for Conflicts
22 April 2013


Luanda — Angola has kept a good engagement in seeking solution for conflicts hitting the African continent, such as Mali, Guinea Bissau, Central African Republic and Great Lakes region, says the Foreign Affairs Minister, George Chicoti.
The government official said so when speaking at the opening of the round table under the theme “Angola’s contribution for prevention and resolution of conflicts in Africa. The case of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Great Lakes Region and Southern Africa”, in an initiative of the Association of Angolan diplomats (ADA).
According to him, it is in this context that the Presidents of Angola, South Africa and DRC gathered on March 12, this year, in Luanda to analyze the situation in DRC.
“This tripartite Summit enabled a greater concertation on the implementation process of the Framework accord for peace and stability and co-operation in DRC, signed in Addis Ababa, on February 24, 2013, having created a joint co-operation mechanism meant to safeguard the favourable conditions for it”, he said.
He said that the since the early time of the country’s independence, Angola always played an important and active role in the resolution of conflicts in Africa, both due to the manner it won its freedom and sovereignty and its experience of war and destruction that marked the recent history until April 04, 2002.
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Angola: Solution of Conflicts Depends On Inclusive Dialogue
George Chicoti
22 April 2013


Luanda — Angola’s Foreign Affairs Minister, George Chicoti, on Monday here said that Angola intends that any global resolution for the Great Lakes depends necessarily on an inclusive dialogue.
The diplomat said so at the opening of a round table under the theme Angola Contribution for prevention and resolution of conflicts in Africa. The case of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Great Lakes and Southern Africa Regions”.
He also said that the solution also depends on the broad consensus and sincere national reconciliation and respect to law and the constitutional law of the countries participating in the respect of the sovereignty of each other.
“Taking into account the experience of national reconciliation, whose results are clears, Angola has been invited to share its knowledge and give its contribution for the prevention and resolution of conflicts in Africa, mainly in the Great Lakes Region”, he reminded.
George Chicoti also said that the Angolan diplomacy was always part of the strategic agenda of its Executive to defend and promote the interests of the Angolans.
The meeting aims at contributing for a message of peace by disseminating to the civil society and other members of the international community based in Angola.
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Angola: State Secretary Backs Strengthened Cooperation in Defence Field
22 April 2013


Luanda — The State Secretary for Interior, Eugenio Laborinho, Monday in Luanda defended reinforced cooperation between Angola and Namibia in the field of defence, providing greater security to the peoples of the two countries characterised by historical, social and cultural ties.
The Home Affairs’ senior official was speaking at the opening session of experts at 18th meeting of the Joint Committee on Defence and Security. (read more)


ANGOLA: Luzi – a village free of landmines.
12 Apr 2013
MAG (Mines Advisory Group)


Though Angola’s civil war ended in 2002, the legacy of this quarter-century long conflict means that, for much of the population, daily tasks like fetching water or walking to school can end in tragedy.
Luzi is a village in the eastern province of Moxico. Like many communities in this war-torn part of the country, Luzi was heavily fought over by Government and UNITA forces during the war. Residents began to flee in the 1980s as a result, seeking refuge in neighbouring Zambia, and by 1995 the village had been deserted. (read more)


Angola: President’s Inauguration Elevates Spirit of Trust
25 September, 2012


Caxito — The inauguration of the president of the Republic, José Eduardo dos Santos, Wednesday in Luanda, elevates the spirit of trust of the people of Caxito city, northern Bengo province.
Speaking Tuesday to ANGOP, many expressed satisfaction with the inauguration of the president which they said will help solve many problems that still afflict the communities.David Jose Gomes, a civil servant, said the investiture of the president and its continuity at the head of the Angolan State aims to give greater consistency to construction projects, reconstruction and improvement of basic social conditions of the populations. He emphasised that there is urgent need for people to have trust in their Government programmes, in view of the determination it showed and will to continue to work to get the various problems of the people addressed. (read more)


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