Archived Updates

28 June 2010 “Kyrgyzstan’s interim government claims referendum victory,” by Luke Harding and Adam Gabbat, The Guardian
27 June 2010 “Kyrgyzstan holds referendum amid civil war fears,” by Luke Harding, The Guardian
20 June 2010 “Survivors tell of ‘hurricane of hatred’ from gangs in Uzbek,” by The Times
20 June 2010 “Uzbeks in desperate plea for aid full horror of ethnic slaughter emerges,” by Luke Harding, The Guardian
18 June 2010 “Kyrgyz pogrom is international disgrace,” by Adam Oxford, The Guardian
17 June 2010 “Uzbek refugees for Kyrgyzstan pogrom vow to return,” by Luke Harding, The Guardian
16 June 2010 “Kyrgystan killings are attempted genocide, say ethnic Uzbeks,” by Luke Harding, The Guardian
15 June 2010 “UN Special Advisors of the Secretary General on the Prevention of Genocide and the Responsibility to Protect on the Situation in Kyrgyzstan” United Nations Press Release
14 June 2010 “Kyrgyzstan faces humanitarian crisis as Uzbeks flee slaughter,” by Luke Harding, The Guardian
11 June 2010 “Soldiers on the streets of Kyrgyzstan’s second city as violence flares,” by Luke Harding, The Guardian
15 December 2009 “Central Asia: Islamists in Prison,” by International Crisis Group
03 September 2009 “Women and Radicalisation in Kyrgyzstan,” by International Crisis Group
18 August 2009 “Central Asia sounds alarm on Islamic radicalism” by Clifford J. Levy, The New York Times
23 July 2009 “Opposition candidate quits Kyrgyzstan poll” by Maria Golovnina and Olga Dzyubenko, Reuters
06 October 2008 “Protect Lesbians and Transgender Men From Abuse,” by Human Rights Watch

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