21st-century Europe shamefully pardons the atrocious crimes of communism through the election of Sergei Stanishev as a President of the Party of European Socialists (PES)
by Goran Goranov
submitted 24 April 2013

Sergej Stanishev

I am a Bulgarian. In the 20th century my country Bulgaria experienced one of the most oppressive communist regimes that has ever existed in world’s history. I would like to share with every democratic European citizen the painful story of the horrible atrocities, committed by the Bulgarian Communist Party, the only party ruling Bulgaria during Bulgaria’s vicious communist regime 1944-1989. Since 1989 the Bulgarian Communist Party (BCP) has cosmetically changed its name to Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), without ever apologizing or taking any responsibility for its numerous crimes against humanity. In 2013 the leader of BSP happens to be one Sergei Stanishev, who last year was also elected President of the Party of European Socialists (PES). I am sure all European socialists would like to learn much more about their new president Sergei Stanishev, as well as about BSP/BCP, the party that he is a leader of in Bulgaria. (read more)
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