Links to Holocaust Resources

Oprah and Elie Weisel Visit Auschwitz


An Introduction to the Holocaust (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum)
Hitler on Jews and Zionism
Avalon Project (Nuremberg War Crimes Trials from Yale University)
Cybrary of the Holocaust (from Remember)
Facing History and Ourselves
Florida Holocaust Museum
Fortunoff Video Library for Holocaust Testimonies (from Yale University)
German Propaganda Archive (from Calvin College)
The Holocaust Chronicle
Holocaust Studies Resources & Materials (from Social Studies School Service)
Nazi War Crimes on Trial: German Trial Judgments concerning Nazi Capital Crimes (from University of Amsterdam)
Nizkor (Addressing the Holocaust and Holocaust Denial)
A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust (from University of South Florida)

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Yad Vashem (Museum in Israel)
Holocaust and Genocide Studies (Webster University’s Center for the Study of the Holocaust, Genocide and Human Rights)




Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State


Anne Frank Remembered


The Last Days


Paragraph 175

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