IAGS Resolution on Syria

IAGS Resolution on Syria

The International Association of Genocide Scholars (IAGS) calls on the Syrian government to cease all attacks against civilians.

The regime of President Basher al-Assad is inflicting crimes against humanity, possibly verging on genocide, upon the Syrian civilian population. This includes the state-sponsored slaughter of thousands of civilians by state security forces over the past year, and the “dis- appearance” of thousands more.

Those alleged to be responsible for mass atrocities should be turned over to the International Criminal Court.

IAGS condemns all attempts to obstruct international efforts to aid and protect Syrian civil- ians. It likewise cautions that a general chaos or an extremist regime may pose a great dan- ger for Syrian minority groups, especially the Alawite and Circassian/Christian populations.

The IAGS urges the United Nations, the Arab League, and major governmental and non- governmental organizations to recognize the vulnerability of these groups to genocidal at- tack, and to call on all actors in the Syrian conflict to respect their rights and livelihoods.

The IAGS calls on the international community, notably the United Nations, Arab League and other peacekeeping forces, to take all necessary measures to protect Syrian civilians.



June 5, 2012

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