The Fund for Peace releases its 2014 Fragile States Index

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The Fund for Peace releases its 2014 Fragile States Index

By Genocide Watch 

26 June 2014 

The Fund for Peace has released its 2014 Fragile States Index online

According to its website, “the FSI focuses on the indicators of risk and is based on thousands of articles and reports that are processed by [Fund for Peace’s] CAST Software from electronically available sources.”

Previously called the Failed States Index, the Fragile States Index continues to highlight “global political, economic and social pressures experienced by states,” stated in the organization’s press release earlier this week.

The press release noted that “for the first time, the 2014 FSI ranks South Sudan as number one, after Somalia had held that position for the previous six straight years.” 

In total, 178 countries are included in the index. More information on the methodology of the index can be found on the Fund for Peace website.


Featured Image: Copyright 2014 FFP

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