Black South African man writes to President Jacob Zuma about white genocide

Black South African man writes to President Jacob Zuma about white genocide

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April 6, 2015


Open Letter to the President of South Africa

By Menzi Solomon Shange


I am compelled to send you this letter to clear up a few questions. My hope is that you will reply with a reasonable response that puts the average black man’s mind at ease that the ANC is not willfully turning our country into a slaughterhouse, thereby turning us into murderers and facilitators of mass white genocide. As a God fearing man I would not be able to live with myself, nor look my son in the eye, if I did not do something to speak out and prevent it.

I am sensing that you are possibly taking our country a step closer to the Mindset of the Nazi’s prior to rounding up millions of Jews, and have noticed a few things that I would like you to respond to individually. They are listed below.

What is your goal with the youth force of African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) and South African Communist Party Youth League (SACPYL) conscripts being trained military-style by the Defense Force?

You appear to be urging blacks and tribal leaders to hand in land-claims with urgency, and that the land expropriation bill will be expedited this year? What is the reason behind the rush, understanding everyone’s concerns about careful and fair decisions made in the interests of this nation? Will decisions be well thought through with the time constraints you are pushing? The fear is this will be mismanaged like many of your past and present endeavors.

Do you support Malema’s latest threats of land invasion? If not, why are you not speaking up more vociferously?

Are you giving thought to what Zille said? They are sorry they supported this land bill- and warned that the ANC is aiming for a civil war. Have you discussed ideas in ways to mitigate this?

Have you heard Mantashe said that if farmers do not adhere to the ANC’s negotiations – the ANC will revert to “chaos?” Do you really condone this?

Did you see the escalating Zimbabwean influx crisis across our borders, and its ramifications to the stability of our country? This appears to be a great threat to our countries security – what sense of urgency are you placing on this?

Are you aware that the Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU) sent an urgent warning that we are facing a civil war soon?

What is your goal when you say you will impose much more stringent “gun laws” this year? Are you targeting lawful and legal gun owners, and if so, what is your intent by doing this? If by chance you are, then I personally will be very concerned, because I legally own firearms.

Can you address the concerns that the ANC will now be able to take land/property with only a “letter?” This raises concerns with everyone regardless of color. As a black land owner, I would not feel that I have a secure investment if one letter could take away my rights. How can you assure me this will never happen, color put aside?

Can you explain the sudden arrival of UN vehicles in our country? Is this a leading indicator of troubled times ahead? What is your mitigation plan?

Why did you shut down the Commando units, leaving farmers vulnerable against attacks? The ongoing murdering of farmers is awakening the sleeping giant. By this I mean the western countries are raising their red flags about the incremental murders of minorities (whites) in horrendous acts that are resulting in hallway discussions at the U.N., U.K. and Capital Hill – if gone unchecked this will soon to be publicized in a way that will place you firmly in the world spotlight. Your potential reluctance to address this issue risks further crippling of our economy as tourism and foreign investment dry up further. Are you sure you want to take that risk?

Why do you not vehemently condemn the “kill the farmer-kill the Boer” propaganda? It is a sickening trend that must be reversed, and is not helpful to the long term rebuilding of our nation. Do you want to see swastikas on your cartoons in the Sunday Times, or should I dare say written in the history books as part of your legacy of post Apartheid oppressive tactics.

What are you doing to avoid a total land war and devastation that would result, not just in lives lost but years of legal battles, both before and after the ANC is removed from power due to its Draconian tactics?

What can you do to convince me that as easily as you decide to turn on minorities (whites) that you won’t turn on the majority (blacks) of us with the same devious intent?

Mr. Jacob Zuma, I hereby inform you that the People speak to me through my writing to you, and we are looking for answers and assurance that you are not taking us over the cliff of morality, where you abandon everything that we value as God fearing Christians, and as reasonable fair-minded people.

Your Colleague,
Menzi Solomon Shange

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