South Africa: ANCYL to Thwart EFF ‘Civil War Plan’

ANCYL to Thwart EFF ‘Civil War Plan’

By Bongani Hans, IOL

29 June 2015


Image: Julius Malema. The EFF would contest all wards countrywide during next year municipal elections, Julius Malema said. File photo: Leon Lestrade. Copyright 2015 Leon Lestrade

Durban – EFF commander-in-chief Julius Malema has been accused of hatching a civil war plan and now the ANC Youth League is preparing what it claims will be the mother of all marches to declare KwaZulu-Natal a no-go zone for the opposition party.

The ruling party’s youth league in the province issued a strongly worded statement this weekend saying it would bring the city of Durban to a standstill marching to the high court towards the end of next month.

League provincial secretary Thanduxolo Sabelo said the date for the protest would be decided before the end of the week.

The youth league said the march aimed to express its displeasure about the disruptive tactics employed by the EFF in the National Assembly.

“We call upon the courts to clarify their position with regard to the ongoing chaos in the National Assembly,” Sabelo said.

He said the EFF had declared Parliament a no-go zone for President Jacob Zuma by preventing him from addressing sittings.

“We want to assure Julius Malema that KZN is a no-go area for him and his Mickey Mouse party. We challenge him to test the patience of young people in KwaZulu-Natal by setting his stinky feet in the province,” said the statement.

Malema, however, downplayed the threats, saying he did not “entertain children”.

Sabelo said the rules of Parliament had prevented the league from going there to defend Zuma from attacks.

He said the league had established that the EFF’s continued harassment of Zuma was part of its ploy to start a civil war. He claimed the league got a tip-off from the National Intelligence Agency that there was a plan to render the country ungovernable.

“Part of their plan is to start disrupting Parliament, engage with international organisations and declare South Africa ungovernable,” he said.

Sabelo accused South African courts of being party to the ploy to undermine the ANC-led government.

“The fact that the ANC took a decision to suspend Malema from Parliament after the EFF’s first disruption of the president, and then the court found against Parliament, shows that courts are saying it is right for the Parliament to be disrupted under the guise of freedom of speech,” said Sabelo.

Malema said the league’s leadership was still immature.

“Those people are sick. I don’t want to entertain people who are still wetting their beds at night,” he said.

Judicial spokesman Nathi Mncube declined to comment.


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