Dr. Gregory Stanton’s Press Conference in Pretoria, South Africa

Pretoria, South Africa

26 July 2012


The Independent Afrikaner Self-determination Expedition (OASE) released this video of Dr. Gregory Stanton, Chairman of The Genocide Watch. News conference at the Transvaal Agricultural Union in Pretoria, South Africa, 2012/07/26
OASE is an advocacy group for Afrikaner Self-determination. Self-determination is the only guarantee for Afrikaners’ survival. Find out more about a new model for self-determination developed by OASE, which complies with International Law criteria and the international communities’ standards for self-determination, at: www.oase-ekspedisie.com/agtergrond . OASE needs your support ., you can contact them at admin@oase-ekpsedisie.com


Dr. Stanton of Genocide Watch on Farm Murders in South Africa, 26 July 2012

Dr. Stanton – “Who is possibly behind the White farm murders in south Africa?” 26 July 2012

Dr. Stanton’s Advice to South Africans, 26 July 2012

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