The International Criminal Court ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How The Hague Courts and Tribunals Protect Human Rights Brookings Institution 4 April 2013   For the last twenty years, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) has given a voice to victims as it prosecuted those accused of grave human rights abuses in the Yugoslav

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6 November 2011, "Six people, not tribes are on trial, ICC tells Kenyans," by Sunday Nation 3 November 2011, "ICC might not investigate Gadhafi's death," by United Press International 17 October 2011, "ICC calls for dialogue in Ivory Coast," by United Press International 6 October 2011, "Analysis: Should child soldiers be prosecuted for their crimes?," by IRIN 5 October 2011, "Defence urges ICC judges to ignore prosecution evidence," by Oliver Mathenge,

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