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U.N. to Investigate Peacekeepers Suspected of Killing Women and Children in Africa

U.N. to Investigate Peacekeepers Suspected of Killing Women and Children in Africa DIONNE SEARCEY, The New York Times JUNE 7 2016 DAKAR, Senegal — The peacekeeping missions in the Central African Republic have been tainted by allegations that troops from several countries sexually abused children and adults. But on Tuesday, Human Rights Watchreleased a report providing new evidence that soldiers from the Republic of Congo had killed civilians.

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Central African Republic: Continuing deep concern for civilians

Central African Republic: Continuing deep concern for civilians ICRC Bulletin No. 04/2014, 7 March 2014 The widespread absence of security, caused by the conflict, and rising crime are exacerbating an already disastrous situation for thousands of people. The ICRC and the Central African Red Cross Society are continuing to respond to the most urgent needs. In certain parts of the Central African Republic – for example, in the west, around Kaga Bandoro,

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Country Profile: Republic of Congo

Republic of Congo Country Profileby Genocide Watch 6 December 2012The Republic of Congo, also known as Congo-Brazzaville, became independent from France in 1960. The country is ethnically diverse, with 48% Kongolese, 20% Sangha, 17% Teke, 12% M’Bochi, and 3% European and immigrants. Historically the Kongo established several kingdoms along the Congo River and ruled much of present day Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo and northern Angola.

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Eastern Congo: Thousands of Children Threatened by Violence, Disease and Sexual Assault Nicholas Edmondson, International Business Times UK 03 September 2012   Thousands of children are at immediate risk of disease, starvation and violent attacks in the Eastern Congo, a charity has warned. More than 25,000 children are living in makeshift camps across the region and are currently in serious need of aid, according to War Child. Hundreds of thousands

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18 September 2012 "Eastern Congo Thousands of Children Threatened by Violence" By IBT UKAugust 2012 "Trials of Thomas Lubanga and Ratko Mladiic show impunity for war crimes is dissappearing-slowly" McClatchy Newspapers09 August 2012 "DRC no negotiations with M23 rebels" By Voice of America06 August 2012  "UN humanitarian chied seeks first hand look at Congo crisis" By Voice of America01 August 2012 "Civilian casualties continue in DRC" By Voice

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