Genocide Alerts: Ethiopia

Genocide Alert: EthiopiaIn the remote western region of Gambella, tens of thousands of people have been forcibly relocated from their land. In 2010, the Ethiopian government initiated a villagisation program. The program intended to group scattered farming communities into small villages, with the aim of changing their lifestyles, and providing better access to food, education and health. However, the government’s plans are far from reaching these

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Ethiopia Bans More NGOs Over 'Illegal Acts' By Sudan Tribune 20 February 2013   Addis Ababa — Ethiopian authorities have banned three civic organisations, accusing the NGOs of engaging in activities that break 2009's Charities and Societies Proclamation law. The Ethiopian government alleged that the three NGOs were banned as a result of conducting "illegal religious activities" contrary to the law. The groups who had their licences revoked

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Archived Updates

6 November 2012 Ethiopia: Government continues to target peaceful Muslim protest movement by Amnesty International31 October 2012 Ethiopia charges 29 Muslims under anti-terror law By AFP25 October 2012 South Sudan plans mediation between Ethiopia and Eritrea By Reuters19 October 2012 Ethiopia surprises itself with peaceful transition after Meles By MinnPost15 October 2012  Ethiopia frees Eritrean PoWs By Sudan Tribune27 September 2012  ETHIOPIA:

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