Egypt  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cairo's religious status Al Jazeera 23 April 2013 Has the January 25 Revolution failed Egypt's Christians? Sectarian violence has claimed the lives of nearly 60 Coptic Christians over the last two years. According to some estimates, an average of two Copts are killed and 18 are injured each month. With renewed clashes and

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7 December 2012, "Egypt Country Profile," By Genocide Watch14 November 2012, "Rise of Islamists Does Not Intimidate Us," By AllAfrica06 November 2012, "Egypt's Coptic Christians pick new pope," by CNN15 October 2012, "Egypt grants citizenship to 50,000 Palestinians'," Jerusalem Post02 October 2012, "Egypt's Copts abandon Sinai homes after threats, attack," By Reuters20 September 2012, "Egypt to try 7 Copts, US pastor over Prophet film," By Associated

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