The Price of Damming Tibet’s Rivers

The Price of Damming Tibet's Rivers Michael Buckley, New York Times 30 March 2015 NEW DELHI — CHINA has more than 26,000 large dams, more than the rest of the world combined. They feed its insatiable demand for energy and supply water for mining, manufacturing and agriculture. In 2011, when China was already generating more than a fifth of the total hydropower in the world, the leadership announced that it would aim to double the country’s hydropower

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Tibet ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tibetan Woman Kills Herself by Self-Immolation By Edward Wong 17 April 2013 BEIJING — A young Tibetan mother has killed herself by self-immolation to protest Chinese rule, according to reports by Radio Free Asia and Voice of America, two news organizations financed by the United States government. The woman, Chugtso, 20,

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28 May 2012 " Protesters set themselves on fire near temple popular with tourists in Tibet capital"By Reuters 17 May 2012 "Tibetans Protest in Northwest China" by Andrew Jacobs, New York Times 05 May 2012 " Hundreds detained inTibet after self immolations" By: MSNBC 26 September 2011 "Two Tibetan Monks Set Themselves on Fire in Protest"By Edward Wong, The New York Times 23 June 2010 "Tibetans fear a broader crackdown," by Andrew Jacobs, The New York

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