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Genocide Alerts: Lebanon

In the Genocide Watch Countries at Risk Report – 2012, Genocide Watch classified Lebanon at stage 5: polarization. At this time, a more detailed report is not available. Please check the “Articles” section for updates on Lebanon.

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Lebanon  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sectarianism fears grow in Lebanon over Syria By Al Jazeera 30 April 2013  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="334"] © Human Rights Watch[/caption]   Lebanon/Syria: End Indiscriminate Cross-Border

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Archived Updates

04 December 2012, "Fatal sectarian clashes in Lebanon’s Tripoli," By Al Jazeera23 October 2012, "Syria's Crisis Hits Lebanon," By Wall Street Journal06 October 2012, "Hezbollah under fire, but Lebanon hold is tight By KARIN," By associated Press02 October 2012, "Assad ordered killing of Muslim cleric to instigate civil war in Lebanon," By Al Arabiya19 September 2012, "Syria war planes fire missiles into Lebanon," By The Associated Press12 September

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