The agony of Venezuela continues

The agony of Venezuela continues Editorial Board, The Washington Post May 24 2016 Image: National Guard members in Caracas, Venezuela, form a shield wall during a protest asking for a recall referendum against President Nicolás Maduro. (Alejandro Cegarra/For the Washington Post) NUMEROUS GOVERNMENTS, including the Obama administration, last week called for political negotiations in Venezuela to head off an incipient and potentially catastrophic

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U.S. intelligence officials: Venezuela could be headed for collapse

U.S. intelligence officials: Venezuela could be headed for collapse Karen DeYoung, The Washington Post  13 May 2016 Video: Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro declared a 60-day state of emergency on May 13, citing what he calls plots from within the country and the U.S. to topple his leftist government. (Reuters) Venezuela, where clashes erupted this week between security forces and demonstrators protesting food shortages, power blackouts and

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Venezuelan government accused of doing little to curb anti-Semitism

Venezuelan government accused of doing little to curb anti-Semitism Sam Sokol, The Jerusalem Post 5 January 2015   The Venezuelan government does little to combat anti-Semitism and may actually encourage it, a senior B’nai B’rith International member alleged in an interview with The Jerusalem Post on Sunday. Last Tuesday a swastika and the number 6,000,000 with a question mark next to it were found scrawled on a wall across from Caracas’s

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Venezuela: Unarmed Protestors Beaten, Shot

Venezuela: Unarmed Protestors Beaten, Shot Press Release Human Rights Watch  5 May 2014 (Washington) – Venezuelan security forces have used unlawful force in response to antigovernment demonstrations, severely beating unarmed protesters and shooting them at point blank range, Human Rights Watch said in a report released [May 5, 2014]. Security forces also subjected detainees to severe physical and psychological abuse, including in some cases torture,

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Conceden que se haga total auditoría de urnas en Venezuela Arturo Cano Abril 19, 2013 El choque de trenes se esfuma. O se pospone, para ser más precisos, cuando, a las diez y media de la noche, la presidenta del Consejo Nacional Electoral, Tibisay Lucena, anuncia la ampliación de la “auditoría de verificación ciudadana” a 46 por ciento de las cajas electorales que no fueron auditadas el día de las elecciones (la legislación venezolana

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Archived Updates

29 September 2012, "2 Killed as Venezuelan Campaign Turns Violent", By CNN Wire Staff 20 September 2012, "Venezeula Crime Out of Control, Imperiling Chavez Re-Election", By Peter Wilson Special, USA Today 18 September 2012, "Venezuelan opposition: Conflicts possible at some voting centers due to armed groups, rebels", By The Washington Post, Associated Press 14 September 2012, "Venezuela's Capriles ousts Ally for Alleged Bribe", By  CBS Money Watch

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