Country  2014 Genocide Stage Victims Killers      
Turkey 10 since 1896 Armenians, Assyrians, Pontic Greeks, Kurds Ottoman Army, police, death squads      
Guatemala 10 since 1979 Mayan Indians, govt opponents Guatemalan Army, police      
Japan 10 since  1937 Chinese, Koreans, Philipinos, WWII Japanese Army      
USA 10 since 1604 Native Americans, African slaves Colonists, US Army, slave traders      
Argentina 10 since 1870 Native Americans, leftists Gen. Roca's Army; Junta      
Chile 10 since 1973 leftists Pinochet's army, police      
South Sudan  9 Civilians, women, children Dinka army, Nuer rebels      
Sudan 9 Darfurese, Abyei, Nuba Sudan army, Arab militias      
Syria  9 Anti-governments rebels Assad, Alawite loyalists, army      
Burma/Myanmar  9 Shan, Kachin, Karen, Rohinga, democrats Burmese Army      
Somalia 9 Opposing clans Al Shabaab      
Afghanistan  9 Government supporters Taliban, Al Queda      
Pakistan 9 Government supporters Taliban, Al Queda      
North Korea  9 Government opponents Korean Army      
Ethiopia  9 Government opponents Tigreyan Army       
Nigeria  9 Christians in Borno, govt officials, schools Boko Haram Islamists      
Iraq 9 Kurds, Shia, Sunni Sunni militias, Al Queda      
Egypt 8 Muslim Brotherhood, Copts Egyptian Army      
Libya  8 Government officials, police, army  Tribal militias       
Yemen  8 Elected government  Al Queda      
Burundi 8 Tutsis, Hutus Hutu extremists      
Chad  8 Zaghawas, Fur Sudanese Janjaweed raiders      
Lebanon 7 Christians, Druze Hezbollah      
Iran 7 Bahais, Sunnis Revolutionary Guard      
Sri Lanka 7 Tamils Sinhalese      
People's Republic of China  7 Falun Gong, Uighers Chinese Army      
Colombia  7 Government officials Drug cartels, FARC      
Equatorial Guinea  7 Bubi minority  Government police      
Guinea-Bissau 7 Democrats Army, drug lords      
Ukraine 7 Western Ukrainians Russian separatists      
Russia 7 Donbas Ukrainians, Ingush,Chechens Russian Army      
Philippines 7 Gov’t supporters Abu Sayyef      
Republic of the Congo  6 Ethnic opposition Government forces       
Haiti  6 Democrats Duvalierists       
Kenya  6 Government opposition Government supporters      
Uzbekistan 6 Tajiks, Islamists Uzbek Army      
Uganda  6 Civilians, women, children Northern vs. southern ethnicities      
Côte d’Ivoire 6 “immigrants” “True Ivoirians”      
Rwanda 6 Tutsis, Hutus Hutu extremists      
Zimbabwe 6 Matabele, MDC Zanu-PF      
South Africa 6 Whites, Boers Marxist racists      
Angola 5 Cabindans Angolan Army      
Mali 5 Touareg Malian Army      
Algeria 5 Berbers Algerian Army      
Israel/Palestine 5 Palestinians/Jews Israelis/Hamas      
India 5 Muslims; Landowners Hindu Extremists; Naxalite Maoists      
Indonesia 5 Christians Islamists      
Kosovo 5 Serbs Kosovars      
Bosnia-Herzegovina 5 Bosniaks, Serbs Serbs, Bosniaks      
Belarus 5 opposition government      
Venezuela 5 opposition government      
Tunisia 5 Islamists Liberals      
Mexico 5 Government Supporters Drug Cartels      
Bahrain 5 Shiites Sunni army