• zimbabwe
    Zimbabwe: Will China feed us?

    Zimbabwe: Will China feed us? Vince Musewe 11 September 2014 Vince Musewe says the country is not going to see the purported economic revolution until land ownership is corrected and rationalised I find

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  • rohingya

    SAVING THE ROHINGYA A Contrario 24 August 2014 By Regina Paulose Since 2011 Burma has been involved in the lengthy process of democratization. Some argue that the reforms in Burma are not genuine while

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  • ISIS Al-Qaeda Militants Fighting Syrian Civil War
    U.S. Sees Other, More Direct Threats…

    U.S. Sees Other, More Direct Threats Beyond ISIS By Mark Mazzetti, Michael S. Schmidt, and Ben Hubbard 20 September 2014 As the United States begins what could be a lengthy military campaign against the

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  • Pakistan Navy personnel keep guard near the Navy ship PNS Zulfiqar after it returned to Karachi Pakistan
    New al Qaeda branch in South Asia…

    New al Qaeda branch in South Asia launches first assault By Ray Sanchez, CNN 19 September 2014 Jim Sciutto explains the similarities and differences between these Islamist jihadis. A new regional branch

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  • korea
    North Korea Agrees to Weigh Steps…

    North Korea Agrees to Weigh Steps on Human Rights By Nick Cumming-Bruce, The New York Times 19 September 2014 More than half a year after a landmark report by a United Nations commission of inquiry

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  • s sudan
    U.S. sanctions military officers…

    U.S. sanctions military officers on both sides of South Sudan conflict By Arshad Mohammed, Reuters 18 September 2014 The United States imposed sanctions on two military officers on opposite sides of

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