Genocide Alerts: Angola

Genocide Watch Alert


After its independence from Portugal in 1975, Angola went through a 27-year civil war which was primarily a struggle between two former liberation movements: MPLA and UNITA. Besides the struggle between these movements, a separatist struggle by the Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda (FLEC) also played a role in the civil war. Cabinda is an Angolan province but it is separated from the country’s main territory by a sliver of the Democratic Republic of Congo. While the Angolan war ended in 2002, the status of Cabinda is still disputed by FLEC.  A 2006 peace agreement between the government of Angola and a faction of the FLEC sought to end the conflict, but sporadic attacks by both sides have continued.
Because of this deep-rooted conflict about Cabinda, Genocide Watch considers Angola at stage 5 of Genocide: polarization.

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